The Three Rivers Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Foundation serves as the leadership organization over the Educator Support Center and multiple projects and initiatives.


Our Mission is…

1. To promote the advancement of education through public, private, charter and Bureau of Indian Education schools, and other educational institutions of New Mexico through the philosophy that:

  • All children can learn and should have a well-prepared educator,
  • All students will achieve more with a highly qualified and effective educator trained in current best practices,
  • All new educators can benefit from improved educator preparation, support and mentoring,
  • All educators need continual professional development to attain master educator status,
  • Educational progress requires continuous review of education preparation curricula,
  • Effective changes result from continuous review and will be research based and data-driven; and,
  • Collaborative relationships between K-12 and higher education will maximize educator and student performance.

2. To develop an independent research and development organization focused on the challenges educators in New Mexico face in providing a quality education for all our children.

3. To promote means and opportunities for the organization to support education and community projects to further educator and student development thereof.

Organization Documents

Foundation Articles of Incorporation
Foundation By-laws

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