BCSCR Press Release

October 10, 2014

New Federal Project Provides Opportunities to Raise Literacy

During the next two years, more than 70,000 children in 84 school districts across 4 states will improve their reading proficiency.

The project, Building Communities that Support Children’s Reading, or BCSCR, will implement a multi-pronged approach that affects schools, communities, parents, and children in high-poverty districts in New Mexico, eastern Arizona, southern Colorado, and El Paso, Texas.

Funded by a 2-year $10.8 million federal award, BCSCR will provide professional development and reading resources to schools, as well as family reading events and free books in high-poverty neighborhoods. Students struggling with reading will have the opportunity to receive free tutoring.

The Three Rivers Education Foundation, recipient of the project funding, has been seeking such an opportunity to make a broad-scale impact on student reading. David Bowman, executive director, notes, “For years, we have infused schools with high-quality teachers and administrators, but now we can address the entire learning environment of homes, communities, and schools. Our focus is, and always has been, improving student learning.”

This is a big project with big expectations. By increasing families’ access to books and reading activities, working with teachers, and offering tutoring, the foundation staff expects to see significant increases in the percentage of students who meet proficiency levels on state achievement tests.

Through BCSCR, the foundation will place regional coordinators in education centers throughout the four states, who will collaborate with districts and community organizations to address their unique needs and oversee local tutors.

The foundation is in full gear getting the project up and running. Bowman explains, “At this time, our biggest push is finding exceptional people to serve as those regional coordinators. We know they are out there. Our partnerships with the education centers will be key to this effort.”

The foundation expects that the project will be fully staffed and operational by January 2015, with school and community services beginning once students return to school after their winter break.




The Three Rivers Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) New Mexico non-profit organization that collaborates with school districts and institutions of higher education to meet students’ needs for high quality educators and powerful learning opportunities. With former state, district, and school leaders as members and supporters, the Foundation leads a variety of important education projects and initiatives. More information about the foundation is available online at https://threeriverseducationfoundation.org or by calling 505-436-2548.

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