Maricopa High School Equivalency Project

Project components include

  • Provide study materials and course instruction in preparation for the high school equivalency (HSE) exam;
  • Support participants with mentoring and job coaching.

Project Goal and Objectives

Support the educational attainment of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in targeted Arizona communities to improve their career and economic status.


  • 60 Participants per year will register for MHEP services (300 over 5 years).
  • Each year, 51 (85%) of the participants will complete the HEP program (255 over 5 years).
  • 69% of the participants will receive an HSE diploma. (Yrs 1-3: 41/yr; Yrs 2-5: 42/yr; 207 total) (GPRA 1)
  • 80% of the HSE recipients will enter postsecondary education or training, upgraded employment, or the military. (Yrs 1-4: 33/year; Yr 5: 34; 166 total) (GPRA 2)
  • 100% of participants identified as needing social services support will be connected to organizations providing such services.
  • 100% of participants will receive weekly mentoring services focused on education attainment and career advancement.

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