The Three Rivers Education Foundation believes in the value of research to inform best practices and improve education opportunities. We consider current research in the design of each service we provide and each initiative we design.

The Three Rivers Education Foundation currently seeks funding to conduct the following research studies.

  • Study of difficulties Native American teacher candidates experience with passing the NM teacher licensure process (read more about this problem here)
  • Study of drop-out rates of students entering the 3rd grade (read more about this problem here)
  • Study of factors that affect parent involvement in rural, high-poverty, high-minority communities in the Four Corners area
  • Study of the correlation between teachers’ and students’ academic English use and students’ academic proficiency rates (read more about the proposed study here)
  • Study of the effect of school funding changes on student achievement
  • Study of computer technology use in classroom settings to enhance learning opportunities
  • Study of factors that influence students’ self-efficacy for learning math and science
  • Study of Land of Enchantment Teacher Quality Program effectiveness in placing and retaining educators
  • Study of the correlation between student-teacher personality agreement and student achievement

We also welcome the opportunity to conduct or support research in other areas. If your organization has particular research interests that align with the mission of the Three Rivers Education Foundation, we would love to hear from you.