Staff Development


Our list of current professional development services is below. For more information about these services, download the PK-12 Service Menu.

Implementing the Common Core
Your teachers will learn to translate the Common Core into engaging instructional.

Instructional Support for S.T.E.M. Fields
Teachers integrate the S.T.E.M. areas and design instruction aligned to the Common Core.

Professional Development Dossier Support
Teachers working through the three-tiered licensure system will get the help they need to submit their PDDs.

CEUs for SLPs/SLPAa Training Hours and CEUs
Help your SLPs/SLPAs maintain their licenses to work with your students.

Classroom Management Training
Your teachers will learn to mitigate student behaviors and create classroom climates conducive to learning.

Mentor Teachers & Novice Teacher Training
Build or enhance your teacher mentor program so that experience teachers provide the effective support for new teachers.

Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
Teachers learn to help students understand their emotions and regulate their emotional responses. Training for staff members, too.

Improving Academic Writing Skills
Your teachers–and other staff members– will improve their academic writing skills. Teachers can use their knowledge to help students master writing. 

Using Data to Inform Decisions
Program leaders, administrators, and teachers learn to identify relevant data, interpret them, and use them to make decisions.

True Colors Personality Types
Improve staff collaboration through learning to “read and respond” to others’ personality types.

Managing Federal Budgets
Help your program officers and directors use funds strategically and track the dollars effectively.

Using Microsoft Office
Your staff will save countless hours and improve their professionalism with improve Microsoft Office skills.

Fearless Public Speaking
Give your staff training in the 4 components of effective public speaking: attitude, content, presence, and audience interaction.

Not finding the professional development your staff needs?
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